Whinderson Nunes: «Ops, I got married»

Whinderson Nunes: «Ops, I got married»

Whinderson Nunes, the moments biggest Brazilian comedian is coming to Norway. After his first successful Europe tour in 2017, he is back again whit his new show “Ops,  I got married”  the perforce will take place on March 3th at the  Chat Noir in Oslo.

Doors are open  at 17:00 and the show starts at 19:00.

That is the first time we will have a Brazilian comedian in Scandinavia and we from Nodel Europe  are proud to make part of it.

Telefonbestilling: 815 33 133




Showstart: 3 mar 2019

Showslutt: 3 mar 2019


Billettpris: kr 450,- inkl. avgift

Med: Whinderson Nunes

Spilletid: 1 time og 20 minutter uten pause

Produsent: Nodel Services Europe B.V